New York's Best Mexican Restaurant



Trece is the first and only authentic Mexican restaurant around the corner of Union Square NYC.

Our menu boasts a wide selection of traditionally crafted, yet a bold refreshing take on Mexican cuisine. Our simple objective is to serve guests with an authentic, healthy, and delicious meal.

All our salsas, sauces, sides, and more are made on site using only the freshest ingredients that are delivered every day. Trece also has a full tequila bar featuring a large variety of tequilas and other spirits. Diners are more than encouraged to enjoy one of our special cocktails, grab a quick bite at the bar, or both!

Come to Trece and treat yourself to newfound layers of color, taste, and fun in your life.

Discover your own Mexican!

Eat Together

Every plate achieves that elusive, cuisine-defining balance of sweet, salty, and sour — even dessert.


Our Story

Trece follows the evolution of its chef, Manuel Corona. An amalgamation of the classically trained chef, born and raised in Los Angeles, with the powerful influence of a Mexican upbringing. Drawing inspiration and flavors from a diverse community, Trece offers an experience that is Unique, Characteristic, and Beautiful.

Trece displays Chef Manuel’s distinct culinary perspective with an elevated contribution to a bountiful culinary history. The cuisine is expressed in bold yet refined flavors. Preparations demonstrate elements of long-established tradition, while finished dishes are showcased with modern appeal.


The Kitchen


Manuel Corona

Executive Chef

Manuel has cooked for numerous restaurants in both Mexico and the United States, focusing his talents in the New York Metropolitan area. Born in Mexico, Manuel took interest in culinary arts from a young age drawing inspiration from his family’s traditional home-cooking.   Garcia’s menu manages to be satisfying to both the transgressive big-meat guys and the Gaia-conscious vegans; the carb-lovers and the gluten-free.”